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boston_public's Journal

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Boston Public
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This is a community to celebrate and discuss one of the most terribly and deliciously ridiculous and melodramatic TV shows ever: Boston Public.

Hello and welcome to the Boston Public community. Boston Public is more than a high school drama... it's a high school drama that wishes it were a police drama (when it isn't wishing it were a Broadway musical). It is possibly the worst show on television right now, but, dammit, if we can't get enough of it. Whether it allows the handicapped, handless mother of a psychotic bisexual sociopath onto its staff or allows its teachers to become inextricably involved in the personal lives of both its students and their parents, Boston Public is forever breaking new ground. (I mean, without this show, how would budding anorexics ever have learned to shove rolls of pennies in their crotches before a weigh-in?)

For now, there are no rules, but that might change... let's just share in the joy (and, more often, the pain) that is BP.
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